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Universal video texture free

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My first Unity add-on enables Unity free users to use a sequence of still images as a video texture while controlling the frame rate, play mode and other handy features. I use this add-on on a daily basis in my studio. It saved my day more than once, and still do.The linked demos were compiled using unity free and demonstrates the most straightforward use of this neat little package.Enjoy!Now with full screen playback using unity's built in GUI with a customizable interactive progress bar and aspect ratio control.Version 1.1Demo 1 - Material UVTVersion 1.5Demo 2 - Full Screen UVTVersion 1.75Demo 3 - Interactive Material UVTDemo 4 - MultiScreen Interactive Material UVTYou can download the following stand alone builds at different resolutions to check UVT's performance on your device (v 1.75):Sintel trailer using�512x256 UVT PC / Mac�/ AndroidSintel trailer using 1024x512 UVT PC / Mac�/ AndroidSintel trailer using 2048x1024 UVT PC / MacInstructions:* Use the WASD keys to move around.* Hold the Middle Mouse Button to look around.* Click the screen to toggle playback On/Off.* Use the scrollbar to scrub through the video texture.Universal Video Texture LITE UVT Lite is a free version of the Universal Video Texture.

This is basically a subset of the full version available in the asset store.Although it doen't have all the bells and whistles of its bigger sister it's very well suited for intros, outros and short cutsceens.Have fun! Hi,Ive been struggling in getting this to work and from what Ive read this is the only alternative to doing a movie texture on a mesh plane, which I dont mind doing but Universal video texture free dont know how reliable it is on different resolutions.If there is anyone that has figured out how to achieve this using playmaker, your help would be much appreciated. Nevermind just spent the last 2 days figuring this out and got the Movies to display using someones script and then once I got it to work I realised Unity's video playback quality is useless, geuss Im gonna have to resort to Universal Video Texture. Targeting PC, Mac and Linux.

Its Fullscreen HD footage (1080p), Ive gotten it to run fine using Playmaker using an image sequence, running through it frame by frame using an FSM and then just triggering the sound on the first frame.It actually works pretty well, but plugins like Universal Video Texture has other benefits like controlling fps and purging frames so that the sequence runs as smoothly as possible.One thing is for sure Unity's Movie Texture/Video Playback function is not going to cut it, the Ogg Aethora codec apparently doesnt like HD stuff so much.

So HQ fullscreen videos are going to play choppy and in lackluster quality, image sequences seems to be the way to go.Was actually curious how is Playmaker's support on plugins like Universal Video Texture? Hey I Found A Package For Playing Video In Free Version UnityThey Giving Free a Version Called : Universal Video Texture LITEPlease login or register to universal video texture free this link.May Be You Saw These BeforeI Post Becouse SomeBody Need This � Existing user?

Sign In� Sign Up� Browse� Back� Browse�Forums�Downloads�Blogs�Gallery�Staff� Activity� Back� Activity�All Activity�Search� Chatbox� Calendar� Facebook� Twitter� Youtube Ever needed to use a video in Unity but couldn't afford unity pro?This neat little package will enable you to use any sequence of image files as a video texture while letting you control the frame rate, aspect ratio and other handy features to tweak for your specific needs.

And if an audio source is attached it'll be played in perfect sync with your image sequence just like any common video file.This is a subset of the full version available in the asset storeWorks on PC / Mac, Web, iOS and Android both with Unity Free and Unity Pro.Optimized for performance across all platforms.If you find it useful please check out the full version and the full featured web demos below:Demo 1 - Material UVTDemo 2 - Full Screen UVTUniversal Video Texture - Full Version thread Hi kahalany, downloaded the lite version andam considering the full version, however I cant seem to get the lite version to work.

I imported everything, added the script to the camera as well as place the file sequence under the correct folder (tried the resources file generated by UVT as well as my own resources folder in the root asset folder). I also remebered to set my digits, frame rate and start/end frames yet I still get a blank screen no matter what I do. Please I would appreciate any and all help, thanx man. Hi XmachinaX.A couple of questions:Do you have more than one camera in the scene, if so did you set the cam depth accordingly?Are you trying to build for a Flash platform?

(UVT doensn't currently support Flash)What resolution are your images and how long is your sequence?From what you've described it should work as advertised.Royie Hi kahalany,I only have one camera in the scene, but Im not quite sure how to set thye camera depth will google that. No Im not building on a Flash platform. My images resolution are at 1024x512 (which is the highest recommended res for UVT but it should still work. K, cause I tried setting the depth and it didnt do much, dont know if sending my project would help much as I am using quite a few asset store plugins, as well as the size of the project is quite big, I will try import it into another scene as well as try to do what I want with the video texture in a new scene and try to export it to my scene, if that doesnt work Ill let you know and maybe send you a new scene using just the video textures.

Thanx for the help tho.P.S. is ther anyway to reset the metadata somehow? Hey Machina, I was having the same problem and the fix for me was the Digits Format, the amount of Zeros there has to match the number of digits in your image sequence. For universal video texture free sample project and the project I was making there were 5 digits where the default script only gives 4.

I hope this helps! I got this plugin and it's pretty simple to use, also the universal part is great. But file size wise the game will be much bigger depending of video image sequence contains 500+ jpg files of size ~27 kb and in unity they are turned into 300kb becouse of gpu required compression.

tested everything and no chance to get it to the same size as original file.

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