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European wax center reviews

European wax center reviews

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most of them become family to you. There is great emphasis on sales of products; keeping service times within set limits, and selling add on services without going over your time. There are no benefits offered. I enjoyed everyone I worked with but management was wishy washy, no benefits until you worked there forever and who wants to do that ?

Also customers were rude, didn't like how it was like an assembly line for waxing, the area I was in most people want organic skincare and EWC seriously needs to consider looking into, I even mentioned that several times and of course why would they listen to a trained esthetician. Thing eugopean if you love waxing then pursue this if not pursue skincare and maybe sugaring instead of a place that douses their customers in chemicals and wax that rips of their skin. Management and owners take poor care of their cenfer, offer little to no benefits and are miserly about raises.

They provide little to no recognition for employees who go above and beyond what is required of their duties and will attempt to take advantage of you. Working for the locations Lincoln Park East, Old Town, Streeter illegal, South Loop, West Loop and Lincoln Square (Owned by the same franchisee and employees often rotate around locations), you will find disorganization, rules violations, non motivated management, and poor morale amongst workers.

Stay far away. They want you to work for next to nothing. Only giving you 5% of each service! Management is a joke and owners too. This management will throw under the bus in a heart beat. My schedule changed several times with a day notice. Put my regular cleints on another waxer schedule with out telling me or the guest. I got told if I didn't do the wax fast enough, I was fired. Or sale. Does not care for the employees. If you're straight out of esthetics school it's fine to gain experience.

But 5%com. On services is a waste of time. Other spas and waxing facilities will offer 40% com. On services. They don't give you benefits unless you've been working full time for a year. Management is horrible. I was so excited to begin working for Ewc, as a new esthetician I was excited for the opportunity to expand my knowledge. Little did I know it would be the worst job ever, horrible manager, horrible pay, horrible clients!

Found out after I started working here that Ewc is known as the fast food version of waxing . Yay Learned to accomodate a variety of guests, as well as managed situations with unsatisfied customers.

Friendly co-workers. Producing high sales on a part-time hours proved to be difficult at times. Learned to work in a very fast paced environment and multi-task. A typical day at work would consist of eurropean 30 minutes prior to opening to balance out cash register and start up computer.

You then check guests in and out as they arrive and as they leave. As for coworkers, they were fun and easy to work with always. The hardest part of my job was having an unrealistic goal of selling at least $500 worth of packages to clients for every shift you worked. Whether it was a 4 rrviews shift or a 10 hour shift, you must make your quota or you will be terminated.

The packages are pricey, so it would seem easy to make the $500, but clients either already have/had the packages or they are not willing to spend the fenter and would prefer coming cente la cart.

The most enjoyable part of my job was catching up with clients as they came for their scheduled appointments since most clients came every 2-6 weeks depending on what service they were getting. This company has to be the worst company ever.

No matter how hard you work or how much effort you put in it never matters. Depending on the owners the pay is low and commission is terrible and upper management is a joke! Nobody listens to you europezn your questions. There are no benefits, no 401k ,no pto nothing! I call ehropean a career because I worked about 50 hours a week at this facility. I loved my job.

I was a top seller was built strong relationships with each and every client that came in to receive our services that we provided. Great place to live learn and love! I love how all of the workers were such a team and strive to meet corporate standers. I Learned so much from working with ewc that i use my knowledge in my everyday life and i will continue to use it the rest of my life! I wish there were an option for "0" stars because this place is a mess! I was hired, with them knowing that there was no manager, no one to train me, no help!

I was self managed, taught, I ran that store, literally. These people had no consideration whatsoever. I would get to work to open up around 7:30am and sit around all day doing absolutely nothing until 2:30 because clients were constantly cancelling, no shows. On top of that, my replacement for next shift was ALWAYS late.

The technology was bad, system was down constantly. The phones didn't work, which was the main way clients could reach us. They would come in very angry and guess who took all of the backlash. Owners? Where? Oh, Arizona! We're in Chicago. I would daily send them complaints from clients, slips because we have no toilet tissue, curse you if you verbally asked for supplies, (wax, products, paper, etc.) Everything had to be sent over the computer.

And guess what?!? Still no supplies! The worst job I've ever had! The whole place is horrible! If you're looking to work at the short pump location in va dont waste your time the management is horrendous and they dont care about your well being. Just wait till the new location in willow lawn opens youll be better off there! I Absolutely loved working for this Company, the concept is amazing and I learned so much. They are excellent about continuing education.

With bi-weekly regional webinars and other great learning tools. Reviwes a fast paced fun place to be. Management was awful and would always threaten to fire you if you didn't sale memberships.

As a GSA you were responsible for checking in cemter, membership sales, and collection of money. It was a good time being around other girls, but being in the beauty industry they always expected you to look perfect. The pay was entry level and the commission was waz to come by. I loved the wax they use there though its the best i've ever used! To keep your job, you need to be absorbing the information and technique insanely quickly.

If you do not, they will fire you like they did me. They never told me their expectations and there was a huge lack of professionalism as well as abundant cattiness. All they care about it making a sale. A:Well, it really depends on the guest. We'll wax a guest of any age if our wax specialists feel they are prepared for the experience. If our guest is overly apprehensive, we believe it's best to wait until another time.

Waxing should be a luxurious experience after all!� A:Bikini line is a basic tidy; we wax the sides (called your panty line) and across the top.

If you�re wearing a bikini, this will prevent any hairs from "peeking out".Bikini (full) is the next step and allows you to take off as much or as little hair as you like off the front. If you want to leave a small "landing strip", triangle or nothing at all, it�s up to you!Bikini Brazilian goes from the front, all the way to the back with an added butt strip.

This is perfect for a completely nude look or you can leave a neat triangle on the front. Choose your style! Being a gal with incredibly sensitive skin, I have been in pursuit of the ideal solution to a europeah, razor-rashed bikini line for a very long time.

I have always been turned away from waxing, since you have to let your hair grow for at least a couple of weeks, and I just couldn�t bring myself to do that. Until now�with europewn turn of the New Year, and my resolution being to �try new things�.

So, at 35-years-old, I was going to get my first professional bikini wax! Having to ditch my razor for two weeks was torture, but I toughed it out for the promise of at least two weeks of baby-skin smoothness to follow.I didn�t want to just go to a little hole-in-the-wall, nail salon/waxing/Botox/facial/massage place�I wanted a premium experience.

After reading many reviews, I was convinced to try European Wax Center. With over 300 locations nationwide, I felt pretty comfortable having my first waxing experience there. They�re also pretty confident that clients will make their closest center their first choice for waxing services� they even offer your first wax FREE. I was pretty intrigued by their 4-step waxing system that used hard wax instead of strips, and promised to be virtually pain free.

Now, � virtually� is the operative word in that sentence.On the day of my appointment, I was a nervous, hairy, itchy wreck! I walked into the elegant lobby area, and was warmly greeted by the receptionist. Even though I was early for my appointment, they were ready for me, and brought me right in. The technician introduced herself, and I confided in her that this was my first time having a bikini wax. She had such a calming manner about her, and assured me that she would make me as comfortable as possible.

We then walked into a room with a closed door, and the room was perfectly clean and organized, similar to a doctor�s office. She described the process to me, and took great care in explaining each step, also taking the time to ask me about my preferences�how little or much I wanted removed, and so forth.The process of using hard wax instead of strips is supposed to be less painful, since it hardens and adheres aax the hair, not to your skin.

As the technician applied the dark purple wax, it was very warm, but not too hot. Even in my very vulnerable and exposed position, she remained very comfortable and chatted with me about kids and the holidays, as the wax hardened.

When it was time to pull off the strip, she asked me to inhale deeply, and then exhale as she whisked off rfviews wax. I followed her instructions and as I exhaled, �Whoosh!� went the first strip, and with it�my breath!WOW! I�m not really sure how to describe exactly what it felt like, though �painless� was not the adjective that came to mind, that�s for sure! I truly wasn�t expecting it not to hurt, but I think I had convinced myself that it wouldn�t be so bad.

After all, I�ve given birth to two children, what�s a little wax? The technician was so sweet, professional and kind, which really made a painful first-time experience much easier. But to try to describe the pain�I would just have to say that it feels about what you would expect. Over 200 hairs being ripped out by the roots at the same time, off of a very delicate part of your body, would feel like.Thankfully, the technician was very quick moving, and very thorough.

After each strip of wax was revies (and a lot of deep, Zen-like breathing on my part), she would sprinkle on a powder that helped to cool off the area, and take a little of the sting out.

When she was finished, she described how skin reacts to having been waxed, and that caring for your skin properly is the key to the best results from waxing.She sent me home with a sample of Slow It Body Wash, to cleanse the waxed area without leaving a residue that could clog pores and cause ingrown hair, and Slow It Body Lotion, to moisturize the skin and help the hair to grow back softer and finer.

She explained to me that a hair follicle that has never been waxed before is large and bulbous at the end, which can make it painful. But that every time it�s waxed, the bulb becomes smaller and thinner, resulting in a less painful waxing session.Though my skin was pretty red, and a little tender when I got home from my appointment, by the next morning�it was smoother than I have ever felt it.

A week after my session, I am still perfectly smooth, and haven�t encountered a single red bump or ingrown hair, which is miraculous for my skin!

As much as I am admiring my silky smoothness, I don�t know if I am convinced that waxing is the perfect form of hair removal for me personally. But if I do decide to try it out centdr, I will return to European Wax Center. I would still highly recommend the facility and the technician to a friend.

If you�re gonna do it, it�s the place to have it done. I thought they were professional, reasonably priced, thorough, respectful of my privacy, understanding of my anxiety, with the expected final result. And lucky for me�they provide other services besides bikini waxes!European Wax Centerwaxcenter.comFacebook: @European_Wax Disclosure: A gratis service was provided for the purpose of this review, but the opinion of our experience is solely ours.Filed Under: Guest Posts, personal care, product reviews, salon services, skincare // I too have sensitive skin and have often thought eeviews getting a bikini wax.

After reading this i think i might just give it a try. Now I just need to find an European Wax Center near me! Thanks for the info:)� Is Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water a Dupe for Bioderma?MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Collection Review, Swatches, PhotosIf You Have Grey Hair, & Color it at Home, Read This!I Switched to Paula�s Choice Skincare for 3 Weeks.

Here�s What Happened.Maybelline Master Contour by FaceStudio Face Contouring Kit Review, Swatches, PhotosSneak Peek: Urban Decay VICE Lipsticks � Wende�s 10 Top PicksUrban Decay Beached Bronzer / Sun-Kissed & Bronzed Review, Photos, Swatches Recent Posts� 7 New SEPHORA Favorites Sets to Love!� Upgrading My Daily Essentials With Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant� The Lipstick League: Week of 9/18/2016� IT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches, Photos� I Had the HALO Laser Treatment, Here�s What Happened 3/27/2016I went to EWC the first time last November after recently moving to Englewood.

I had no idea what to expect, having never gone to or heard of EWR. My first experience was as a walk-in on a Saturday so I waited ~15 mins. The esthetician was not overly personable or talkative. She was about her biz and I was out within 10 mins. The eyebrow wax wasn't spectacular but adequate to clean up my overgrown brows. It was free (first visit perk) and they convinced me to get the 12 visit eyebrow sax.

I live nearby and they have late hours during weekdays so it made sense for me. Side note: if you want just a one-off wax don't go to EWR! The packages are their thing. They will sell you HARD on getting one. If you are a wax regular tho, the math works!I made my next appt for a month later. Easy peasy!! I got a call about 1-2 hrs prior saying that the esthetician from my last visit was sick so I centef reschedule or go with someone else.

I went with someone else, Paola, and that's when my experience went from adequate to the 4 stars. My brows haven't looked this good in years!! Since then I've added other prepaid wax packages and have no complaints. The front desk staff are nice and always centrr. The treatment rooms are clean and the waxing is quick and easy. Best of all, there's no double dipping like in the nail salons. 9/3/2016I live close to this location, so I was hoping it would be a quick and easy option to get my eyebrows done on a regular basis.

Making an appointment was easy and the person on revieqs other end of the line was helpful, polite and friendly, as was everyone else I interacted with at this establishment.My first eyebrow wax was complimentary, which was nice.

While my eyebrows were a little out of control and somewhat uneven, I left with my eyebrows looking even more uneven than what I came with. I was surprised when the esthetician seemed to be plucking lots of hairs on the outside of my left eyebrow (which is already a thin area on both sides), but not on the right side.

I could have spent some time plucking myself and it would have looked way better. What a shame! Comment from Sara of European Wax CenterBusiness Manager9/13/2016First, I would like to sincerely apologize for the experience you had at our EWC First Avenue� First, I would like to sincerely apologize for the experience you had at our EWC First Avenue location.

Certainly, this not the aax you expect or that we strive to provide to our guests.Please be assured that our team is held to a very high standard when it comes to pleasing our guests, and feedback such as this will be addressed properly.I would like to offer you compensation for the fact that you were not satisfied with your service the centter time you visited.

Please contact me so we can work something out.I would love for you to give us another chance! My email centdr is guestrelations.ewc@gmail�Again, we appreciate you taking the time to post about your experience so that we can continue to improve where there is room to do so.Best Regards,Sara B., Guest Relations Manager Read more 4/8/2016Probably the last time I will come here.The waxings have become worse and worse overtime and I have decided enough is enough.For the amount of money they charge I should have consistently good service and results. 9/21/2016Bella is the best, I highly recommend her!

She's so sweet and puts you right at ease, and she does a great job too. I've been coming to EWC for about 2 years but have never had such a painless wax! She's the only specialist I see now. 8/24/2016Bella is amazing! Kept me so distracted with good conversation but was explaining what I was going to feel every step of the way. She was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! As far as the facility goes, it is extremely clean, they were attentive as soon as you walk in and they are FAST. 10/27/2015I honestly wish I could give this place zero stars.

I left feeling angry and frustrated with the entire experience. As a foreword, it's not my first time being waxed. I've been going to different places for years and have used all kinds of waxes. With that being said, this was the MOST painful wax of my entire life. And that's including rveiews first wax ever. Then, the woman kept vaguely insulting me during the procedure. Saying that it was painful because I was sweating. And that I should sweat less.

I repeatedly told her I have no control over my sweating but she kept insisting this was somehow my fault. Then she was saying that the pain was my fault because I have deep roots. Which is true, but a wax has never hurt this much in the past, deep roots and all.The final straw was when she attempted to sell me beauty products in the middle of the appointment.

So I'm naked from the waist down, legs spread, with hot wax drying between my legs, and she's rambling about the different lotions and creams I can buy.

There could not have been a more inappropriate time.At the end of all of this my wax was lackluster. It's crooked and has stray hairs everywhere.Long ramble short - not only will I NEVER visit this place again, but I will warn everyone I know to avoid it. 8/11/2016While everyone is friendly and professional and I am happy with the end result, rdviews 5 star review is for Tiffany. I've gotten a Brazilian wax 3 times at this location.

The first time was with Tiffany and didn't hurt at all. I've gotten waxes before at other places and I thought it was just something you had to put up with to get the end result you wanted. However, I am not revoews when I say it doesn't hurt at all (and I'm not that great with pain). I went back for a second time and had a different waxer because Tiffany was not available.

While I don't have any complaints about the end result, it felt like a wax. My 3rd time I asked for Tiffany again and it was back to no pain. EWC is a little pricey, but for me, it is worth the price only if I'm able to get Tiffany. 8/21/2016I've been going to this location of EWC for almost 3 years. The place is clean and the wax technique they use is the least painful I've ever experienced. Bella is my wax specialist and she's very sweet, professional and fast.

I try to always book my next appointments in advance so I make sure I get an appointment with her. I would definitely recommend this place no matter who your waxer is. 8/20/2016Updated reviewI have been going to this location for over 3 years and will never re-locate because of Albina. She is detail oriented, quick and seriously skilled at reviewss she does. She listens to her customer and makes the process painless.

She is the most skilled at this location and would recommend her to anyone. 11/5/2013Previous review I was referred to European Wax center from a friend and I'm so glad I was.

Albina has been the first� I was referred to European Wax center from a friend and I'm so glad I was. Albina has been european wax center reviews first and only waxer that I have gone to - SHE'S INCREDIBLE and I HIGHLY recommend her. Although she doesn't speak the best English, she always makes me feel comfortable. She is quick and smart when waxing and doesn't a single hair behind!

SHE'S PERFECT! Go see her Read more 8/19/2016Personally, I love European Wax Center. The staff is very professional and helpful. Bella, my reviewss specialist for centeg past two years is absolutely amazing. She always manages to make waxing pleasant and fast. Definitely a keeper! She's great at what she does and always very professional. 5/7/2015I've been going here for almost a year and they're great! They always have appointments if you call or book online 1 - 2 days in advance.I've gone to a number of their waxers and all geviews them are great, never had a bad experience.

Even the girls at the front desk are really nice and welcoming! The place centsr clean and the wax people are talented at what they do.The ooooonly issue is the timing.I'm there regularly every month.and I've never been seen on time.

I always arrive ~5 minutes early, and usually for my 9am appt I don'5/29/2016If you go here, you need to let April do your eyebrows.

She is amazing. My eyebrows look better centeer they ever have because of her! I always get a lip wax too, and she does a good job with that. I have tried many other waxers besides her, and she euro;ean the best reeviews, hands europesn Wax Center has this cool purple wax that goes on without using gauze strips.

It peels off of your face after it has cooled. This means that it gets more hairs, and there is no chance that you will be sticky afterwards.The front staff is also very pleasant.

They check you in right away. There is wxx bathroom you can use and a water pitcher euroepan you wait. If you are early (as they run right on schedule always), Sephora, Di Bruno Brothers, and Caffe D'Aquila are right around the corner.You can call in to reschedule your appointment with no problem. My only complaint about European Wax Center is the front desk staff also takes the call. This means you have to wait on the phone sometimes.

Frustrating if you need to talk to someone right away. Comment from Jackie of European Wax CenterBusiness Owner5/29/2016Thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough review. We are so pleased that you are� Thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough review.

We are so pleased that you are satisfied with your service and appreciate your patronage. We look forward to seeing you next time! Read more 8/25/2016This review is about the receptionist.Normally I have a decent experience here, but this morning I called to schedule an appt for the same night at 7:45. The lady up sold me on a special, said "see you tonight," and we ended our conversation.Got to the salon and was informed my services were scheduled for tomorrow, not tonight.

Well, im going away tomorrow, so that is just not going to work. The girl at the desk was very unapologetic and made it sound like it was my fault. They were 100% booked, which I understand, but she offered no real sorry or anything.I just walked out feeling pretty stupid, although they should be the ones feeling stupid.Will start taking my business elsewhere. 7/5/2016I wanted to post this review awhile ago, but unfortunately had purchased a wax pass before my horrible experiences so I was stuck their for awhile.

As far as the waxing goes, I went for my ceenter and it was very hit or miss. Half the time I walked away with flawless brows, and the other times I walked away with an uneven wax and had to go somewhere else to get them fixed. What I disliked the most about this place is the receptionists. Multiple times while waiting for my wax, the receptionists would talk poorly about customers after hanging up the phone or once they walked out.

I couldn't believe they were saying all that in front of other customers! Once a lady walked out after getting waxed and the receptionists started talking about how centet purse was old, worn down, and ugly. They kept talking about how she should be less cheap and buy a new bag.Once I revieww like 5 minutes to an appointment (which was totally my bad) but the receptionist and lady that did my wax were review rude to me.

She was really passive aggressive and kept making rude comments about how I was messing up her schedule. I would have understood if they made me reschedule, but I don't understand why they would still take me and proceed to be rude. I would suggest going elsewhere. The people that work there are rude, and the waxing isn't that great. Comment from Jackie of European Wax CenterBusiness Owner7/5/2016If this type of behavior occurred & was reported to managementit would have been investigated and� If this type of behavior occurred & was reported to managementit would have been investigated and personnel would have been dismissed.

Feel free to contact me with the date and time this occurred so that appropriate action may be taken. My apologies you were dissatisfied with your service.

Read more 6/20/2016Update : I completely missed a very crucial detail about my bad experience, which now is visible forever on my skin. The purple wax got too hot when the tech applied it on my right underarm, and I remember screaming when she started applying it there.

She mentioned how since I was getting waxed at several places, she has to keep adding those wax pearls to the machine, and she cannot really tell how hot it becomes. That being said, I saw a pinkish burn on my skin for the first few days, which I thought would disappear. but now, it's a brown/discolored giant burn patch in my revuews underarm.

Regrets, regrets and more regrets!Please make sure you are clear about your tolerance of heat and any other sensitivity before you start your session with your tech.Original review: I was really curious about the whole purple wax thing and decided to give the European wax center a try. The biggest mistake that I made was to book 4 services for my first visit.My aesthetician Aisling, was really nice and friendly.

However my waxing experience makes me want to centdr that this was my first and only visit to EWC.Firstly, the tech started with "down there". While I'm not frequent with waxes down therebut I have experienced both, bearable and excruciating waxes. And this was excruciating ! European wax center reviews waxes that I found bearable were thin layers in smaller areas. My tech made Long and thick strips. And because purple wax isn't peeled as quickly as regular wax is, it was unbearable.

Even worsebig lumps of the wax stuck to certain places. Eventually I said that I would peel it myself. It took about 15 mins of nervous effort to slowly peel, and the use of scissors to cut the wax to get those lumps out.The armslegs and underarms were ok.

However lots of patches were missed by the reeviews. She mentioned how the lighting of the room wasn't as bright as it seemed.After pointing her to the patches that she missedeuropen after 2 hours of being thereI decided to give up and leave with what I had.I found one of the receptionists quite rude.

I misheard her on something she said and politely asked "what does that mean", reviewa to realize that she was asking about whether she wanted me to add the tip to my card.

She displayed a very wad demeanor inspite of my making a joke about my listening skills.All in all, my tech was great, very kind and friendly. But unfortunatelyI didn't receive the level of service I paid for. I sure do regret the hefty $178 I paid for this experience. Comment from Jackie of European Wax CenterBusiness Owner6/20/2016Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'm very sorry you had such a disappointing service!

If� Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'm very sorry you had such a disappointing service! If you left your contact information, the manager will be in touch with you tomorrow when she is back in the office.

If your contact wasn't provided, please call and ask for Bree tomorrow after 10 a.m. Read more 8/30/2016Updated review� 4 check-insDespite what I have mentioned in my other review, I loved the experience that I had with April. Before leaving for my long vacation, I went to get a Brazilian. April made the whole experience an ease. She did a careful job unlike the other sloppy ones that I have had before.

I will ask for her from now on and will return revuews EWC. 12/1/2015Previous review Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with this place. Yes, the wax revisws they use europaen very good� Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with this place. Yes, the wax that they use is very good at getting every little thing. However, the experience is different based on the waxing girl you get.

I feel as they are like a "factory" type of place where you just do what you have to do and that's it.At the beginning of October I had to do some thorough waxing for a competition that I had. My Brazilian was good. Because I liked the girl that did it that much, I decided to return. She was not pushy about purchasing those products that they have. I remember telling her that I wxa pure Teat Tree oJacquelyn said"After giving this place a second chance, I centter it deserves the extra star. As I stated in my last sax, I think the technician makes a difference, and I was right.

If you select one of the new�"read more� Claire said"I've lived in the area for a little over two years and hadn't found a nail salon I really liked.until now! I live a block away, so I arrived 30 minutes before my appointment to see if they could squeeze�"read more 8/10/2016� 3 check-insEWC is everything I expect from a wax center.They're professional and courteous. They're also extremely flexible with their rescheduling.

There's been a couple of times where I haven't been able to make the appointment I originally scheduled and they have been gracious with setting me up with another one right away.The location is pretty convenient- tons of street parking if you're driving and very close to the Arlington, Courthouse metro station if you're going europeah public transportation.Their wax reviewa high quality. Their rooms are always very clean.And last but certainly not least- their technicians do quality work. My first few times were a little tricky.

I'm not too tolerant for pain, some may even say I'm a wuss when it comes to physical pain so the technician has to be on point. My first one was very nice but she was moving out of the country that same week; the second one was not very detailed nor very communicative (in waxing world, both of these qualities actually matter a lot!). But, third time's the charm! I found Claudia, who is extremely professional and eyropean and communicative and friendly so I'm sticking with her.Everyone has different personalities and in this business you're so up close and personal that sometimes it is difficult to find your waxing match.

It took me a couple of tries but I'm very pleased with their work every time and I look forward to the future of silky skin that results from not shaving.I wish the District had its own EWC but for now I find that it's very worth to make my way to Arlington. 6/17/2016I just recently moved and sadly had to leave my previous waxing lady behind.

I decided to try out the EWC in Arlington in hopes of finding someone to take her place and I must say I am happy I came to this location. The receptionists were prompt in checking euroean in. The wait was less than 5 minutes and I was taken into a clean and ready room.I booked my appointment with Quandra.

She did a phenomenal job. Not only was she friendly, talkative and made the whole appointment delightful and virtually painless, she gave me some great tips for preventing ingrowns. She was literally the best. Although Arlington is pretty far from me, I will be going back just for Quandra! She is a gem! 6/14/2016� 1 check-inI was fortunate have to be able to get an appointment 30 minutes prior.

I flew out for a wedding, and due to the storm in Florida I was unable to go to my wax center nearby. My waxing specialist was awesome, I'm not hundred percent sure of her name I think it was Amy. I came with a headache that developed into a migraine, and she was very understanding when I said let's only do my eyebrows when I made the appointment for more.This location did seem busy, so I would definitely recommend an appointment.

I had no problem getting one, and I was seeing promptly at my schedule time. I was out of some wax passes, so I did renew some. They did not push any product on me, which was awesome because I have had some negative experience at other wax centers that push product hard. I will definitely come back to visit again if I'm in the area. Comment from Alissa of European Wax CenterBusiness Owner6/14/2016Thank you for taking the time to write such a great review. We are so pleased that you are� Thank you for taking the time to write such a great review.

We are so pleased that you are satisfied with your service and appreciate your patronage. Your Wax Specialist name is Jessie. We shared your review with her and she is thrilled that you took the time to write this. We look forward to seeing you next time! Read more 9/21/2016I had Kat who was absolutely amazing. I sadly enough have not kept up on my wax in the last few months (bad bad). She could obviously tell as soon as I got on the table and walked me through the process.

She stopped to talk about the wax and why it was different than what I might be used. To my whole experience despite being painful due to my own fault was amazing. The thing about waxing is you have to maintain on a 4-6 week basis and then there will relatively be no pain.

I have been going to the same wax place for a few years now awx I think the European Wax Center has acquired a new customer.

I really like the fact that they're open on Sundays which is when I usually do most of maintenance things. 9/22/2016I've gotten bikini and eyebrow waxes here and am always impressed with their consistency. I've visited EWC locations up and down the east coast and ever time the service has been excellent.

They don't double dip (which is extremely important for your health and safety!) and take excellent care of your skin from start to finish. Warning: they have a 9 minute grace period after which your appointment will be canceled (re: don't be late!). They will try to sell you products at the end of the treatment but not aggressively; I'm not sure how they are because I haven't used them.

Added bonus: student discounts! 8/29/2016It is always great to have a backup, so with Quandra and Anais, you cannot go wrong. Both women are professional and each time I have visited, I have never had a complaint about these two due to they pay attention to detail. Aax, every strand. LOLLocation is easy to get to and the business is VERY clean!!!Front desk staff can be a hit or miss, but never a miss with Quandra and Anais. 8/4/2016I've been to this location a couple of times for full centdr waxing.

I was never happy with the end result. They don't take their time and don't listen to their customers. Very disappointed! Centef not come back Comment from Alissa of European Wax CenterBusiness Owner8/19/2016The experience of A.M does not represent the excellence we strive for at European Wax Center.

We� The experience of A.M does not represent the excellence we strive for at European Wax Center. We have a 5 day touch-up policy for all services which allows our guests to come back at no charge to clean up anything we may have missed. A.M. did not take advantage of our touch-up policy and did not call us to express her dissatisfaction with the service before writing this review. We would have loved the opportunity to make it right for her. To that end, we have researched our books, and cannot locate a guest that fits this description.

Read more 8/18/2016Sooooo if I tell you I don't want my eyebrows pencil thin I just want a clean up why did you give me pencil thin eyebrows? Never again will you all get my money. And there was wax in MY HAIR! HOW DO YOU GET WAX IN SOMEONE's HAIR!?! Comment from Alissa of European Wax CenterBusiness Owner8/19/2016We are sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience at the Courthouse location.

Management has� We are sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience at the Courthouse location. Management has researched our records and have not been able to locate your profile. Euroean contact the center so that we may correct the issue for you. Your feedback and business is Europeab Appreciated! Read more 10/7/2015Arlington's EWC location is not my favorite. I've had packages with EWC for about 3 years now and have had services in NY, PA, NJ, and MA. While the technicians have varied in friendliness and skill, I've never had a bad experience.

I've been to the Arlington location 3 times now, and just realized that each time was a little lackluster.THE GOOD-The location is always spotlessly maintained, like every location I've visited.-Most of the technicians have been friendly. I've only had one that was completely silent and awkward the entire t7/30/2016After my first visit with Lori, I knew I had found the Speciaist I could finally trust.

I've never had a combination of exceptional service and full of product knowledge. I've been going to Lori for about five moths now and every time she remembers what products she recommended and why. She never fails to remind me. Many people may feel that they are selling products but with Lori it's different. She gives her professional recommendation. It was until my most resent visit that I actually went with her advice on trying the face and body Exfoliating gel, restoring serum and ingrown serum.

I have to say that on my first try I was blown away. My skin now looks radiant, no need for much cover up makeup anymore. Not only that but when she told me I could do payments on my express package I was revkews. She now has to see me as soon as I see some hair on my face or my bikini area. Thank you Wx for your professional advice and for genuinely always asking me how things are going in my life. By the way I know notice nostril hairs on everyone.Thank you,"Ask for Lori at the Clybourn European Wax Center". 9/17/2016I came here once because I really needed to get my eyebrows waxed last minute and this was the closest EWC that had an opening to me (still not very close.

It's about a 20 min drive from my apt). I signed up online to get my eyebrows done and a bikini Brazilian. I got there about 15 minutes early, which was fine. I didn't mind waiting, but when my waxer brought me into the back room she said that I was only booked for one service. I told her I booked both review and she said there was nothing she could do because she had someone right after me.FYI, this is where my review might become a little bit TMI.She said I could pick which one I wanted so I went with the Brazilian because I had bought a package.

She's getting to work, and she freaking CUTS ME. Ladies, please just take a minute to think abiut that. She cut me with those little grooming scissors DOWN THERE. She then said it was fine because the skin didn't break, so I was like fine.

Then about 15 minutes later, she said she was done. I was a little confused, as there were spots that definitely were NOT waxed. Europea didn't even do a full bikini Brazilian! She told me she was done and this was probably my bad, but I didn't speak up and I should have. Because she didn't do the full bikini Brazilian, I didn't use my package (because that would have been a rip off wac I paid for bikini Brazilians).

I ended up paying a ton and didn't get ANY of the services that I wanted. I was so done and ready to leave by the end of this that I just gave my regular tip, only to later realize, I seriously over tipped because either was tipping based on my regular TWO services.I figured I'd give them another chance because it seemed like they had more openings than my normal location and they had parking, but when I called today to let them know I was running late, they said they'd only be able to do one service again if I were later than 9 minutes, which I totally get is their normal policy, but I was over it and decided to go back to my regular location.

Not worth my time rushing just to get a half assed service 9/1/2016I've only had April wax me. She is absolutely amazing. I've had so many bad Brazilians in the last couple of years, that I was ready to just give in to my cave woman roots. I'm so happy with how she works, I can't wait for my next appointment. Maybe rveiews won't feel as bad. 8/25/2016I have been to many EWC around the country while traveling and Jaymes at the Clybourn location is my absolute favorite!

She is professional and sweet but mainly very good at what she does. She gives the fastest Brazilian I have ever had and we all know fast is good in that situation! Every time I go back to her (every 3 weeks) I am reminded how good she is! This is my only Yelp review I've ever written because she is THAT good! 8/11/2016Came here for the first time and took advantage of the 50% off Brazilian for first timers.

My wax euuropean was Shawn and she was super cool. We talked about everything: boys, scary wax stories, travel, etc. The wax didn't hurt much but I feel like she can work on her follow through on each rip a little more. I took a pamphlet to check out their special bundle pricing on waxes but it looks revlews it's still cheaper to go to my usual spot than to buy a year package. I might not be a regular here but it'll definitely be my go-to plan B spot. 7/13/2016Have been a regular, loyal customer of European Wax Center franchise for the past 6 years, but normally frequent a center closer to home.

They didn't have an opening when I was looking for a last-minute appointment before a vacation. So I was glad to find one in their website at this place, booking it online for the night before I left.Really good experience with the front desk representative.I'm afraid Waz forget her name now, but she was courteous and friendly. I was there a bit early, but my wax specialist could fit me in immediately. Jaymes was her name, and she did a great, quick job! I didn't have to tell Jaymes to spot any stray hairs on any parts that I was getting waxed as is usually the case.

Also appreciate that Jaymes cared about my comfort; she asked me nearly every time to take a deep breath and hold that breath in when she was pulling the applied wax off (I already knew this & trust me, it helps!).I was out there earlier than I'd expected; good to save some time before xenter trip! Happy to wuropean there are great wax center choices in a larger radius from my apartment. 5/23/2016I've only gotten my eyebrows done at EWC, but they always do a great job every time I go.

The location is clean and professional. The last two times I got my brows done I saw Priscilla and she was amazing! I'm only booking appointments with her from now on because she did such a great job!� 3/26/2016I used to go to the west loop location but we recently moved and I started coming here. It's actually not the closest, but they have an easy parking lot.

Priscilla is great, very quick but doesn't leave any strays. The only down side is they were awfully pushy about "book now" for your next spot, "buy this gel" for your ingrown hairs. Thank you, but when I say no thanks. I am not going to change my mind after the 3rd time you ask. 12/15/2015This place used eiropean be five stars. New management took over, and it's gone completely downhill.

For a while, I was getting a new aesthetician every time I showed up, which was really annoying. On my last visit, I found out they had fired all but one of the girls europen the old team.This afternoon was the final straw. I tried calling for an hour straight to cancel an appointment.

The phone rang and rang. I finally drove over and walked in with my phone on speaker still ringing and confronted the girl at the front desk. She glanced at the phone on her desk and shrugged her shoulders.

She simply did not care, and that pretty much sums up the current experience with this salon.I'm done. I'll take my prepaid waxes to another local store not affiliated with the current management team and dump this chain qax soon as I'm done using them.

What a shame to destroy such a great business. The prior team was amazing. 8/20/2016Kind of a mixed bag. The new customer promotion was nice (complimentary eye brow wax), the wax experience was relatively painless and the technician was very friendly. However. Almost as soon as I walked in the door, the "upselling" began: as I waited for my technician, the receptionist came over with an entire brochure of pre-sale packages, and actually flipped through it with me.

During the wax, the technician used several brow enhancement products, and escorted me straight to the product europaen upon completing my services (eye brow and lip wax). After showing me the products, she brought them with us to the counter. When I said "Uhm, I'll think about it" she replied that "that's our practice, we bring the recommended product

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