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Best friend quotes for tattoos

Best friend quotes for tattoos

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 always look for ways on how they can show to the public of their great friendship. One of the most effective ways is to use an inking that will be seen by everyone. We have various best friend tattoos that two or more friends can wear and symbolizes friendship that are simple, cute and cool.

It is said friends are the best riches. Therefore, below are some of the best friendship tattoos in different categories that you can wear best friend quotes for tattoos celebrate one another as friends.Contents: � Small Best Friend Tattoos� Best Friends Tattoo Quotes� Best Friend Heart Tattoos� Best Friend Anchor Tattoos� Best Friend Infinity Tattoos� Best Matching Friend Tattoos� Best Friend Finger Tattoos� Best Friend Foot Tattoos� Friendship Tattoos for Girls� Friendship Tattoos for Guys� Tattoos for 3 Best Friends� Unique Best Friends Tattoos Small Best Friend TattoosBest friends tattoos do not necessary need to be so huge.

There are those that are small and still looks cute and cool. Below are some of the best small friend tats.� Simple heart tattooThis is done by having simple hearts drawn on the wrist of each friend. The heart is drawn without any decoration. Only the outer line is drawn. It is simple to make this tattoo but still it looks nice when two friends wear it as a sign of their friendship.� Roman numerals tattooIt is another small friendship inking where the image only comprises of the roman numerals.

The roman numerals may symbolize either the year when the friendship started or the year they had a specific special moment worth to remember. In this case, the meaning of the tattoo is concealed to the two friends.� Small and cute heart � Infinity tattooIt comprises of a heart that is crossed by an infinity sign. This is used to mean that the love binding the friendship of the two friends will last forever.� Small infinity friends tattoos on toes/feetIn this case, the infinity symbol is used to mean the friendship has no ending.

Therefore, you and your best friend can try this by each making a small infinity inking at the toe or foot. The BFF tattoo quotes differ with the small best friend one since some of them are large. A tatmust have a quote about friendship to be classified under this category. The quote is divided into two parts whereby one friend does the tattoo of the first part of the quote and the other friend does the remaining part. Some of the best examples in this category includes:� �I will never let you fall � I will stand with you forever �This is a wonderful statement that you and your friend can promise one another.

By having it as an inking, it just keeps reminding both of your of your commitment. One friend writes the first part and the other the second part. The statement becomes complete when you two come together.� �Remind me that we�ll always have each other � when everything else is gone�Again, this also another important promise in friendship matters that can be done as a tattoo.

These letters are clearly done in capital letter and styled in a calligraphic way to make it stand out.� �Together forever never apart � maybe in distance but never in heart�The heart symbol, in this case, is used to complete the statement that you can be apart in distance but not in the heart.

This friend quote inking is also applicable to couples. You can place the quote at the back of one shoulder. Best Friend Heart TattoosEvery friend tattoo that has a heart symbol lies under this category. A heart is one of the main symbols of love which is key in sustaining friendship.

It may not be necessarily just the heart, some more elements may be added to make it more unique or to give it deeper meaning. Some of the examples includes;� Fingerprint hearts BFF tattoosIt is a beautiful simple inking whereby hearts with a look of a fingerprint are made on either the wrist or ankles for both you and your friend. The hearts symbolizes the love that builds your friendship.� Thick and thinFriends always say they will remain together through thick and thin.

This can be done as tattoo comprising of a heart, an infinity symbol and the phrase which is used to form part of the infinity sign.� Heart and life line tattooThis comprises of a heart joined together with a lifeline. The essence of this lifeline is to show that the friendship shall remain best friend quotes for tattoos the end of life.

The tat is done similarly on both friends and placed on the wrist.� Rainbow heart tattooThis is another best friend heart tattoo that is very cool and beautiful. The additional of rainbow colors will make your inking stand out and look unique.

One friend will have his heart decorated inside using these colors while the other friend will have his heart decorated outside. Best Friend Anchor TattoosFriendship tattoos can also comprise of the anchor symbol as the main element. This is because the anchor symbol is used in friendship to symbolize support. Friends are known to support one another so that they can all move forward.

Some of the best tattoos in this category are;� Cute anchor and bow tattoo.Despite an anchor being associated with support, it also symbolizes stability.

This inking comprises of a cute anchor with a heart or bow tied to it. The bow can be decorated with a bright color to make the tat more beautiful. It can be placed in various places of the body so long as it fits correctly.� �Keep me grounded� and anchorsIn this case, the phrase �keep me grounded� is split into two parts.

The first part �keep me� is tattooed on one friend followed by an anchor and the second part is done on the other friend and still followed by an anchor. The tattooed appears best when done just above the ankles.� Anchor Wrist TattooThe anchor wrist tattoo is one of the simple inkings whereby only an anchor symbol is made on the wrist of each friend. The anchors should be identical and no much decorations is done.

The edges of the lower side of the anchor can a take a certain shape. However, to make it more meaningful, the edges should take the shape of a heart. Best Friend Infinity TattoosThe best friend infinity best friend quotes for tattoos are those that the main element is the infinity symbol. An infinity symbol in friendship is used to stand for everlasting.

This inking acts as a sign of faith between you and your friends that your friendship will last forever. Some of the infinity tats lie in some of the above-discussed categories. Below are a few best friend infinity tattoos.� Friends and infinity symbol tattooThis is involves having an infinity symbol whose part of it the line is broken and the space filled with the word friend. It is a simple inking but still cute especially when placed on the foot. friend tattoos.

If choosing a tattoo has to be special because you will have it for the rest of your life, choosing a best friend and best friend tattoos for each other is also the same. My favorite friendship quote is from Aristotle, �Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.�Although it is not friendship day yet, we would like to celebrate friendship randomly by collecting 80 beautiful friendship tattoos that you can get ideas from, just in case you and your best friends have not decided which matching tattoos to get yet.

It doesn�t always have to be matching though, you can still get creative with your friendship tattoo and for your convenience, we have provided you more best friend tattoo ideas in this article. Here are 88 of the Best Friend Tattoos for BFFs: Originally posted by Traci SchroepferBest friends usually say they�ll be friends through thick and thin, it�s a common BFF cliche.�This is still a small tattoo you can put on your wrist or on your chest.3. �You see all my light, and you love my dark� Trending Tattoo Ideas:� 45 Sister Tattoos to Create A Lasting Bond� 128 Most Original Finger Tattoo Designs� 135 Feather Tattoos to Make you Fly� 108 Small Tattoo Ideas and Epic Designs for Small Tattoos� 140 Best Anchor Tattoos to Stay Grounded� 126 Lip Tattoos Not for the Faint of Heart Originally posted by gia.harrisThis is one of my favorites in this list.

It�s simple yet cute and funny. This tattoo is beyond deep words and yet the meaning is still simple. Friendship.8.�Nature, Moon and Sun Originally posted by Ashley PayneI think a puzzle piece that represent friendship for a tattoo is an excellent idea, plus they incorporated it with a lock and key.12. �together forever never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart� Originally posted by keltiecolleen.buzznet.comThe feather tattoo also means freedom.

You can get more of these beautiful designs from our article entitled 35 Feather Tattoos to Make you Fly16. Feminine sun and moon best friend tattoos Originally posted by Jacson GreaserThis tattoo is quite funny actually, despite the hearts, I just don�t see these 2 birds having any attachment or love at all. A sparrow is also a great idea for best friend tattoos.18. Infinity symbol Originally posted by lovely_unicorns_I like the placement and the size of the bird tattoos, which I think is a great idea for best of friends.

You know the cliche �birds of the same feathers, flock together�.21. Cat best friend tattoos Originally posted by joy_arleneI grew up watching this cartoon and it is also one of my favorites. It�s nice that there are minds out there who came up with this tattoo idea.31. Best friend tattoo quote Originally posted by Katie JonesThis is the 2nd turtle best friend tattoos you�ve seen here. I think this one have the yang effect but it could�ve been cooler if it was yin yang.The placement on the feet is also cool.47.

Diamond best friend tattoos Originally posted by Marissa BeanI like the idea that both friends have the same tattoo pattern but the other one decided to have it upside down. It looks like a beach pattern and this is a great idea especially to those friends who love the beach. Like me!53. Anchor with ribbons Originally posted by Taylor GornishThe idea is nice and simple, but I would probably get a better one.

However, if you and your best friend want it more sentimental, you can tattoo each other with your own designs. Keep it small and simple.59. �tea for two, two for tea� Originally posted by Blair FisherThese best friends must love hotdogs and doughnuts so much that they decided to get a tattoo with the words Best friends on it.64. Personal Best friend tattoo symbols Originally posted by Brianna HeeterAccording to Brianna: �My best friend and I wanted to get tattoos for our favorite number 3 and our love of Jack White.

We also wanted to get waves for the song Dead Sea by the Lumineers because we are each others Dead Sea � you�ll never sink when you are with me. Just so happens that Jack White�s record label logo is this, our newest tattoo!�65. Avocado best friend tattoo Originally posted by Leyna AllredHere�s one unique way of getting a best friend matching tattoos. Who ever thought of a realistic avocado?

LOL. Avocado by the way�is my favorite fruit and it is full of nutrients.66. A compass,�sun and moon best friend tattoos Originally posted by Star-Dawn WhitakerHarry Potter is part of the childhood of most kids and adults around the globe. It also influenced me growing up. It�s not bad for 2 best friends who are great fans of the sequel.70.

Sun and moon thigh tattoo Originally posted by yrgloomygrlfriendWhat comes into your mind when you see a paper lane or someone mentions it? It reminds me of childhood and I think it fits right to best friends who�s been together since childhood.72.

Espeon and�Umbreon. Originally posted by potheadmarielaurenbHere�s a proof that friends may like the same thing but have different tastes. So one got a colored sunflower and the other stuck with black and gray which is also not a bad idea.74.

Birds group tattoo Originally posted by inkedgirlsareprettyThe serpent doesn�t always have a good reputation or meaning, and it�s somewhat contradicting with the heart symbol.

But as long as you and your friend agree on a specific design, then the simplest tattoo can be more than anything.78. Arrow tattoo Originally posted by awesomewhatever21A single arrow means protection. It�s is better if it is positioned up. This tattoo idea fits those friends who are often in an adventure or friends who are continents apart.79. Music notes Originally posted by sincerely-geminixoThese are Dothraki language from the famous book and TV series Game Of Thrones.Jalan Atthirari Anni means Moon of My Life,�Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni � My Sun and Stars.

A perfect tattoo for couples and best friends.81. Cute portraits Originally posted by fromheadsuniversityThese 2 best friends have a thing for fruits. And here�s a quote they love:�You are my peach, you are my plumYou are my earth, you are my sunI love your fingers, I love your toesThe back of your head, the tip of your nose.And you are the reason I�m smiling when there is nothing to smile about.�87. Crescent Moon Tattoos Originally posted by tattooednbeautifulAs you can see, people have different best friend tattoos.

You can get a friendship quote, symbols,�and unique designs to represent your friendship for each other. Others get funny tattoos and it�s heart warming looking at them simply because just by looking at it, the tattoo represented a strong bond that sometimes surpasses family. You don�t need words to represent friendship, a significant symbol that you and friend love is good enough for a best friend tattoo that could last a lifetime. Trending Tattoo Ideas:� 45 Sister Tattoos to Create A Lasting Bond� 128 Most Original Finger Tattoo Designs� 135 Feather Tattoos to Make you Fly� 108 Small Tattoo Ideas and Epic Designs for Small Tattoos� 140 Best Anchor Tattoos to Stay Grounded� 126 Lip Tattoos Not for the Faint of Heart Recent Posts� Breast Cancer Tattoos That Have Changed Lives and Help Save Them� 101 Genius Music Tattoos That You�ll Want to Get For Yourself� More Than 50 Crown Tattoos For Your Royal Inking Dreams!� 70 Sensational Tattoo Sleeves� 25 Proud Pisces Tattoos� 137 Side Tattoos for Men and Side Tattoos for Women� Chest Tattoos for Men � 70 Top Chest Tattoos.

Ranked!� All Zodiac Tattoos � Amazing Zodiac Tattoos. Find Your Sign! Search Options�� Any size� Large� Medium� Icon�� Any color� Full color� Black and white� Transparent�� Any type� Face� Photo� Clip art� Line drawing� Animated�� Any time� Past 24 hours� Past week�� Not filtered by license� Labeled for reuse with modification� Labeled for reuse� Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification� Labeled for noncommercial reuseReset tools tattoo-models.net88 Best Friend Tattoos for .600 ? 900 - 54k�-�jpgtattoo-models.netBest friend quote tattoo600 ? 399 - 36k�-�jpgkooltattooideas.comCute Friend Tattoo Quote716 ? 607 - 883k�-�pngtattoo-models.net88 Best Friend Tattoos for .600 ? 600 - 49k�-�jpgtattoo-models.netBest friend quote tattoos600 ? 404 - 31k�-�jpgkooltattooideas.comBest Friend Tattoo Quote On .724 ? 540 - 941k�-�

Twin Sister Tattoos on .236 ? 236 - 13k�-�jpgtattooideasbook.comBest Friend Quotes Tattoos540 ? 540 - 30k�-�jpgkooltattooideas.comFriend Tattoo Quote On Leg624 ? 625 - 802k�-�pngkooltattooideas.comBest Friend Tattoo Quote530 ? 512 - 428k�-� Wonderful Matching Tattoos .600 ? 550 - 63k�-�

Friendship Tattoos Quotes500 ? 500 - 49k�-� Cute Best Friend Tattoos .550 ? 535 - 56k�-�jpgtattoo-models.netBest friend tattoo quote600 ? 450 - 30k�-�jpgpinterest.comTattoo Quotes For Live And .236 ? 314 - 14k�-�jpgquotesgram.comFollow us.236 ? 236 - 45k�-�jpgpinterest.comBest friend # tattoo # quote .508 ? 503 - 32k�-�jpgquotesgram.comFriend Anchor Tattoos With .960 ? 960 - 69k�-�jpgkooltattooideas.comBest Friend Tattoo Quote On .725 ? 654 - 1240k�-�

Best Friend Short Tattoo .532 ? 910 - 46k�-�jpg 101�Best Friend TattoosGetting a tattoo is a way to permanently cement a friendship. It takes your relationship from �we really know each other well� to �there really should be a category of life partners for people like us.� While many people are quick to get a matching tattoo with their lovers, there is way more incentive to get a tattoo with your best friend (a Best Friend Tattoo).

Love can be fleeting, but friends remain by your side for much longer. Best friends�the ones you talk to for hours each day, the ones you share all of your opinions and secrets with, and the ones you practically blackmail into liking your Facebook posts�will be there for at least twenty years.

And, let�s be honest, even if you do lose contact with your bestie, the two of you would be able to spring back into friendship twenty years from now with a single phone call. You just click together. There are several different kinds of best friend tattoos.

Some of them are matching, some contrast, while still others are two parts of a whole. All of them emphasize that the owners of both tattoos go together like peas in a pod. Indeed, most best friend tattoos only work if the two friends are in the same room together, standing near to one another!

Since one tattoo isn�t complete without the other, it ensures that even strangers will recognize your friendship when you are together.If you and your friend both love tattoos, but are unsure of what kind of tattoo to get, then this article is pretty much for you. We�re going over different kinds of quotes that describe best friends, the options for both girls and guys, different kinds of symbols, a closer look at two very common symbols, and then a gallery with dozens of designs to browse through if you are still undecided! �My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake.� � Aristotle�Things are never quite as scary when you�ve got a best friend.� � Bill WattersonThese are just a few select quotes from some quote-finding sites on the net.

As you can tell, they are all about best friends. But sometimes, quotes like this are just not enough. The fact you are getting a tattoo together is enough to shout to the world that you are best friends. Getting a tattoo that talks about best friends is a little redundant. No, you don�t want to stop at just best friends�you want to emphasize what makes you best friends.Now, those sites are still excellent to use, but instead of searching for �best friend,� you should look for a theme that describes your best friend.

It�s best to do this together, that way you learn more about each other as you search for a quote! Here are a few quotes that talk about support in a time of need:�Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.� �Henry Ford�I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn�t matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.� �Julia Roberts�Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.� �Helen KellerNot only are these sorts of sayings more quotable, but they also make better tattoos.

You can add imagery to all of these quotes. Puzzle pieces, hearts, or even small people acting out these quotes make for excellent imagery. Even when the tattoos are split, each half will hold its own separate and complete meaning.

This is what makes a truly excellent best friend tattoo. You can also choose to have half of a quote on one person, with the other half continued in a similar location on the next person. Putting these two halves together creates a finished piece that tells everyone you are best friends twice over. Girly Best Friend TattoosIf you want to focus less on words and more on pictures, that�s awesome, too.

A picture speaks a thousand words. If you are looking for a girly tattoo, there are plenty of symbols for you to choose from. You can add a bow to any symbol to make it more girly. Extra swirls, hearts, cherries, crowns, stick figures, feathers, birds, butterfly wings, owls, flowers, and anything aesthetically pleasing that also happens to be symmetrical can bring a tattoo over to the girly side. Of course, this also depends on what style the tattoo is drawn in. More realistic styles tend to be more masculine, while cartoony styles are more feminine.While some of these symbols have femininity as part of their meaning, they all carry different interpretations.

Owls, for example, are associated with learning and wisdom. Feathers represent burdens that have been cast away, butterflies represent wishes and dreams, and the meaning of flowers change depending on the type of flower and what color it is. When picking through especially girly tattoos, consider the �girly� bit a part that you add on last.

It�s very easy to add frills and lace to a concept, so there�s no need to make it a priority when making a design. Best Friend Tattoos for GuysWe�ll be going into way more detail about tattoos for guys next week, but for now, here are some pretty solid tips for getting a masculine tattoo. As I mentioned before, realistic images tend to be seen as very masculine.

Rough images that look more like sketches than a finished piece can also portray masculinity. Geometric shapes�such as squares, triangles, and so on�also give off a masculine feel. If girly tattoos are considered random or flowing, then tattoos for guys are something concrete. Anything that looks solid and deliberate can be considered a tattoo for a guy. Of course, this is a very broad definition�but there are also thousands upon thousands of designs that are considered masculine, so that�s to be expected.Older font faces such as the gothic calligraphy style are seen as masculine, due to their prevalence in older texts.

Sailor Jerry tattoos are also very masculine, even when they�re essentially a pin-up of a lady. Swallows are very common masculine tattoos, and their popularity was started by sailors who enjoyed the company of sparrows on their journeys. Despite normally being associated with women, roses are quite common as a guy tattoo. Combined with knives and daggers, the rose can give the impression of a harsh reality. Stars, spider webs, arrows, bar codes, steady scripts, skulls, tigers, and tribal symbols are all excellent examples of masculine tattoos because of their solid lines.Best Friend Heart TattoosFor both guys and girls, best friend heart tattoos are a staple design.

The heart is an amazing symbol that is so popular, you can technically type it with your keyboard. And I�m not talking about <3.

I�m talking about �. There are tons of variations of that symbol, too? But, I digress. Hearts make for amazing tattoos because they are so recognizable. You can combine them with almost any other symbol and they will still be recognizable. You can even break them in half and still have the design be recognizable, although the meaning changes.The fact that it is so easy to read and break apart makes it perfect for best friend tattoos.

You can get matching heart designs with something you both enjoy decorating the inside of the heart, or you can split the heart in half and each carry a separate part.

When you are together, it becomes apparent that you are both best friends. When apart, your tattoo both stands on its own and lets others know that there is an opposite tattoo that fits with yours out there. Infinity Best Friend TattoosLike the heart, the infinity symbol is easily recognized by its distinctive swirl. Unlike the heart, you can�t exactly split it in half.

The whole point of the infinity symbol is that it�s unbreakable, so if you split the design, it just becomes a sad-looking tear drop.

It still combines excellently with other symbols and even words. As long as the words follow the flow of the infinity symbol�s lines, they can be interpreted as part of an infinity symbol. Throwing in a heart or an anchor shows that it�s a solid relationship that iIf your best friend is TRULY a BFF, she'll make it permanent and get inked with you. After all, your friendship never happened unless you get a tattoo and Instagram it, am I right? We scoured the web to find the best tattoos between friends for you to use as an inspirational guide.

Check it out and send your fave idea over to your main bestie. Don't worry, it will only hurt a little. . . by Kirbie Johnson5 days agoPOPSUGAR, the #1independent media and technology company for women. Where more than 75 million women go fororiginal, inspirational content that feeds their passions and interests. "Sometimes you can love somebody with all of your heart and at the same time - NOT want them back.

You�ve been hurt so many times now that you�d rather break your own heart missing them - than give them the opportunity to do it again." - Ranata Suzuki quote * From Tumblr Blogger: Ranata-Suzuki missing, you, I miss him, lost, tumblr, love, relationship, beautiful, words, quotes, story, quote, breakup, broken heart, heartbroken, loss, loneliness, unrequited * Follow� "Sometimes you can love somebody with all of your heart and at the same time - NOT want them back.

You�ve been hurt so many times now that you�d rather break your own heart missing them - than give them the opportunity to do it again." - Ranata Suzuki quote * From Tumblr Blogger: Ranata-Suzuki missing, you, I miss him, lost, tumblr, love, relationship, beautiful, words, quotes, story, quote, breakup, broken heart, heartbroken, loss, loneliness, unrequited * Follow� More "If there is ever a tomorrow where we're not together, there is something you must always remember.

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we are apart, I'll always be with you."�A.A. Milne "If there is ever a tomorrow where we're not together, there is something you must always remember.

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we are apart, I'll always be with you."�A.A. Milne More 101 Best Friend Tattoos | There are several different kinds of Best Friend Tattoos.

Some of them are matching, some contrast, while others are two parts of a whole! See 101 Designs! #Tattoos #InkDoneRight 101 Best Friend Tattoos | There are several different kinds of Best Friend Tattoos. Some of them are matching, some contrast, while others are two parts of a whole!

See 101 Designs! #Tattoos #InkDoneRight More Friends are the only people you can do any crazy thing on this earth with. You would have the best, wildest, and possibly the worst of experiences with your friends.

No matter what, friends would still remain the only probable people you may still have the courage to laugh off your worse experiences with and revel in those good old memories. You do not need words to express your feelings for your friends, they just exist between you.

So if you do want to show off your friendship, there are these best friends tattoos just for you.Best friend matching tattoosNumerous designs are there you can use to show off your friendship to the world. Some tattoos are such that you can mimic on each other. There are matching friend tattoos designs that you can get inked. The theme of the design may be anything, say animals, places, etc. You can have the coordinates of the same place, one that carries significance for you and your friend/s, inked on your body.

You could have the tattoos of two cats, or butterflies, diamonds, etc. inked to show off your friends.

There are many other matching tattoos designs you can make use of.Quote tattoosMany indulge in inking their body with quotes on friendship. You could get half quote on yourself and the remaining half on your friend. There are meaning symbols you could add along with those quotes such as a ship wheel and an anchor with the quote �Be the one to guide me � but never hold me down� respectively. It is often between friends that you make the �pinky swear�.

Get the word �promise� inked on your pinky finger and make it a permanent promise with such best friend tattoos. There are many such quote tattoos you can get inked on any part of your body, say your side, or back.Link tattoosIf you are a group of friends who never leave others side, then getting a larger image inked on to each of you in parts is probably the sexiest idea. You can get a flock of flying birds inked on all of your hands, such that when you link it forms a line in which they are flying.

You may have many such best friends tattoos ideas for a group of friends.Puzzle piecesPuzzle pieces are also a great idea for getting tattooed as friends. There are various puzzle piece designs you can use, such as two puzzle pieces have a lock and a key ingrained into the design. You could also have a broken heart shaped puzzle piece, with each part drawn on your and your friend�s hands.Simple, small, and inconspicuous designs are also used by many friends when it comes to getting tattooed in the name of friendship.

Here, we have collected some of the cutest best friend tattoos for you to sift through, choose, and getting inked on your and your friend�s body. These are our absolute favorite Best Friend Tattoos. You�ll see the different creative ways that you and your best friend can get inked. These matching tattoos are beautiful on their own, but are even stronger when put together. Much like you and your best friend!Best friend tattoos are fun.

They can be an incredibly symbolic and memorable thing to do with each other. Most importantly, they show the world and your best friend that �best friends forever� is not just something you say, but something you show � by getting tattoos that last, well, forever!

20. Opposites Attract As cliched as it may sound, opposites do attract and this notion carries more weight and gravitas when you express it through tattoos. This way, you�re not only linked by ink but most especially, you�re bonded by blood! It�s cute, meaningful and simple enough to do in one sitting�a matching or mismatching tattoos for best friend quotes for tattoos friends who are always on the go.

So go ahead, immortalize your friendship with ink because best friends, just like tattoos are rare and disparately precious. 19. Shared Sense of Humor Nothing bonds a friendship more than a shared sense of humor�especially the dry and sick variety. When best friend quotes for tattoos can laugh at yourselves and take pleasure at the silliness of it all by way of matching tattoos that depict torture or execution devices, that�s when you know you�re pretty close.

So �keep your chin up� and �hang in there� because your friendship might last as long as your tattoos; and that�s no laughing matter! 18. Balancing Each Other OutIf melodrama is your thing, then these incredibly schmaltzy best friend tattoos may be just for you.

I kid of course! These are actually sweet and thoughtful tattoos; not to mention well-placed. When you pretty much treasure your friendship and everything else that comes with it, then get two matching, pertinent, relevant tattoo quotes with symbolic designs and don�t forget to have the lettering in cursive.

Why? Because cursive is for grown-ups and grown up relationships tend to last longer�well almost! 17. Double Trouble TattoosUh-oh, I smell trouble. When you and your best friend are up to no good and wreak havoc on everything or everyone you come across or you simply are free spirits and just want to have fun, then these double trouble best friend tattoos are perfect for you.

They are pretty much straightforward and succinct; twice the tattoos, twice the fun or trouble, depending on which way you look at it. With this best friend tattoo, you�ll never have to deal with anything alone! 16. Shared PhilosophiesThis best friend tattoo is for the philosophers or philosophers at heart. This tattoo design pretty much shows how special, deeply-rooted and profound your friendship is�well at least that�s the goal.

When you share philosophies, especially through ink, you most likely think alike and that�s the best kind of friendship there is. Just don�t get too comfortable with the kinship as familiarity breeds contempt. The more we know someone, the more we find flaws in them. Or am I overthinking this? Well just like what the tattoo says, �hakuna matata�, �no worries�.

Keep calm and share philosophies� 15. Sun and Moon TattoosOur friendship is as divine and ethereal as the sun and moon up in the heavens. Well, that�s what I�m reading into these matching celestial best friend tattoo designs. It�s as if these tattoos illustrate that your friendship is extra special, that it�s transcendental and boundless.

As far as designs go, it�s straightforward, and rightfully so as the meaning behind them should be the front and center of this matching best friend tattoo, not the design itself. 14. Friendship TattooThis is for best friends who don�t see each other often like a long distance type of relationship �kinda� thing. And it isn�t such a bad thing because as what they say, �Absence makes the heart best friend quotes for tattoos fonder.� You don�t need to see each other often to show how much you care.

And to borrow a quote from John Gabriel, �Best friends are like stars on a cloudy night, you may not see them but�they are always there, through�thick or thin their friendship will always shine bright.� Nuff said.

13. F.R.I.E.N.D.S TattoosIt�s one of the few iconic TV shows that completely defined the 90�s. When it was cool to hang out in a coffee shop all day, when it was alright to bang your friends and when a simple �hairdo� was the talk of the nation!

Rachel fans, are you having nostalgia overload yet? But the more pressing question is, where did all the years go? Well, if your friendship is based solely on the love of the iconic �Friends� TV show or anything and everything about the 90�s, well getting this matching best friend tattoo is understandable and may I say, very apropos.

Wear it with like a shiny badge of honor like the proud 90�s kids you are! 12. PB + J TattooWhat kind of sick, snotty, narcissistic human being doesn�t love peanut butter and jelly? That sweet, mouthwatering piece of heaven touching your mouth?

I mean if you don�t love that, we can never be friends. And just like that divine combo, this best friend tattoo is sweet but not cloying�just the way I like it.

Just the sight of this PB + J Tattoo makes me hungry. It�s truly an �eye candy� in every sense of the word. 11. Completing the PictureAs per the famous line from the movie Jerry Maguire, �You complete me,� this best friend tattoo is interdependent with each other.

Neither piece makes sense alone. The only way for it to tell a coherent story is for it be placed side by side, like a real friendship. It wouldn�t be called a real friendship if only one is on board. The only way for a real friendship to work is for both parties involved to be equally committed to the relationship. Anything less is tantamount to failure. 10. Faith Friends TattoosFriendship is a spiritual thing, especially if it�s faith-based and when it�s immortalized in a tattoo.

It takes a whole new meaning. This best friend tattoo may be simplistic but it is meaningful and incredibly moving. There�s not a whole lot of things to say about these pieces other than they are purposeful and significant. Faith is believing in something you do not necessarily see but undoubtedly feel from the heart. And this �faith friends tattoo� is the manifestation of that feeling�no ifs, no buts. 9. Three Little Birds TattoosYou don�t need to be a fan of Bob Marley and the Wailers to appreciate this best friend tattoo.

Just like the immortal song, this three little birds tattoo is upbeat, inspirational and eternally sunny.�A perfect pick me up piece, this design is especially intended for best friends with a carefree and easygoing disposition. With this best friend tattoo you don�t have to worry about a thing, cause every little thing�s gonna be alright�, just like the famous inspirational line from the song goes. 8. Best Buds TattoosLight em� up cause you�re a lighter to my weed and I�m the weed to your lighter, either way, it�s addictive and fun�as it should be.

This is a best friend tattoo that�s intended for best buds who would like to have a good time and smoke lots and lots of weed, because quite frankly, who doesn�t want to? Experience tranquility and inner peace with or without weed with this matching tattoos. It�s a transcendental high, a combination of euphoria and pain unlike any other! Trust me.

So light em� up! 7. Shared Passions TattoosStar Wars fanatic, this best friend tattoo is for you! Well, if you�re not living under a rock, you should know that a lightsaber, in the Star Wars Universe, is a symbol of the Jedi Order to uphold peace and order throughout the galaxy. It�s a weapon of elegance and might and anyone who owns it is definitely a cut above the rest. So if you and your bestfriend have matching lightsaber tattoos, then what you have is something special and it would probably last longer than most relationships.

So be cool and may the force be with you! 6. Feather TattoosIt�s light and airy, an ethereal tattoo design that commonly symbo

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