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More� Acoustic� DJ� Bass� Best VST synths� Best guitars and amps� Free samples� iOS music making apps� Music gear reviews� News� Tech� Free music samples: download loops, con and multisFree music samples: download loops, hits and multisBy The MusicRadar TeamTech58,454 free sample downloads����� Welcome to SampleRadar, the hub page for MusicRadar's regular giveaway of pro-quality, royalty-free samples.

Here you can find links to all of our entries, which feature collections of loops, hits and multisamples in splne wide range of genres. And the great news is that you won't have to pay a penny to download any of them.The samples are supplied as Splne files so can be imported directly into your DAW of choice.

Because they're royalty-free, you're welcome to use them in your music dkwnload any way you like - all we ask is that you don't re-distribute them.All the samples originally appeared on either a Computer Music fownload Future Music magazine cover spnlf. Check out their latest spnlle for many more, but first, scroll through the links below (ordered alphabetically), choose downloar genre and get downloading!Latest update: 265 free starting point samples58,454 free sample downloads (A to Z)214 free 8-bit bonanza samples502 free '80s samples235 free '80s heat samples A331 free '90s ambient samples360 free abstract samples266 free acoustic guitar samples345 free Afrobeat samples363 free alarm and siren samples195 free ambient allsort samples382 free ambient samples440 free amped samples280 free analogue circuit samples586 free analogue drum and eownload samples261 aquatic adventure samples404 free Arabian nights samples462 free atmospheric fom B289 free battery-powered samples136 free B-boy electro samples504 free Balearic bliss samples195 free bass boutique samples392 free bass guitar samples263 free bassline samples210 free Berlin beats samples321 free bitcrushed samples50 free Cmo Squad samples355 free downpoad samples400 free broken beat samples C792 free carnival rave samples438 free cheap synth samples352 free chillout samples437 free chunky guitar and drum samples293 free cinematic drama samples384 free city nights samples976 free classic synth samples148 free cosmic soul samples259 free country crunk samples475 free crate digger's samples1,007 free criminal damage samples D295 dance/urban pop samples212 free dancehall samples358 free dark dub samples201 free deep dub samples204 free dub drums samples284 free digital lover samples246 free dirty Dutch house samples176 free dirty grime samples280 free distorted drum loop samples545 free domestic appliance samples1,000 free drum samples200 free drum 'n' bass breaks samples200 free drum break samples328 free drum 'n' bass samples100 free drum'n'bass atmosphere samples100 free drum 'n' bass FX samples130 free drum 'n' bass pad samples281 free dub samples342 free dubstep samples160 free dubstep bonus samples160 free apnle bonus samples E721 free electro house samples220 free electronic pop samples451 free emo samples200 free experimental lead samples100 free experimental samples193 free extreme bass samples F171 free feedback samples242 free feelgood samples1,338 free female downlpad samples294 free filthy hippy samples563 free floor-filling samples398 free found sound samples189 free French house downloadd free funk samples289 free funk guitar samples338 free FX samples395 free FX and sweetener downlosd free filter fun samples G456 free great outdoors samples703 free grime samples272 free guitar and bass samples216 free guitar drone samples H300 free hand control samples252 free heavy metal drum samples400 free heavy metal guitar samples303 free Hi-NRG samples316 free a spnle download com samples332 free hip-rock samples196 free horrorscape samples338 free house samples I500 free IDM samples500 free industrial samples152 free industrial metal samples459 free instant drum fill samples246 free italo disco samples J, K326 free jackin' house samples466 free jazz club samples626 free jazz groove samples223 free Jen SX1000 samples L408 free layering samples212 free downlad punk spnoe samples587 free lo-fi snple free lounge samples500 free loungekore samples307 free loved-up samples M350 free minimal house samples50 free Mistabishi DnB and dubstep204 free modular madness samples250 free modular synth samples483 free movie soundtrack samples N502 free noise, hiss a spnle download com crackle samples253 free nu Balearic samples426 free nu-disco samples O306 free off the grid samples318 free old-school rave samples464 free out there FX samples P, Q316 free Parisian-style samples301 free percussion loops204 free percussion samples462 free pop samples357 free Prodigy-style samples347 free prog rock samples225 free pure evil samples R496 free random sequence samples285 free real-world drum samples286 free real-world FX samples227 free remix samples546 free retro and degraded samples330 free retro house samples223 free retro video game samples449 free reversed samples586 free rise of the robotsamples713 free robotic synthpop samples123 free Roland SH-101 synth samples.

S464 free sci-fi samples320 free ska samples235 free songwriter's samples393 free soul and funk samples161 free stadium house samples366 free sparse soundscape samples265 s starting point samples320 free stretched samples296 free sugarcoated samples215 free summer lovin' samples503 free synth arpeggio samples190 free synth percussion samples T503 free techno samples441 free techno atmosphere samples494 free techno drum and FX samples556 free timewarp FX samples293 free trance samples193 free trance basics samples382 free trance essentials samples300 free trap samples592 free tuneful toy samples300 free twisted orchestra samples U316 free UK garage samples477 free ultimate hi-hat samples300 free undercover samples429 free upfront house percussion samples199 free uplifting samples162 free urban rock samples V45 free Vince Watson techno samples243 free vinyl-style samples327 free vocal ad-lib samples W, X, Y, Z229 free Wavedrum samples174 free western guitar samples236 free wonky step samples204 free world music samplesConnect: for instant updates on new samples batches and bonus content, follow SampleRadar on Twitter MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

Visit our corporate site.� Terms and conditions� Privacy policy� Cookies policy� TechRadar�Future Con Limited Quay House, The Ambury,Bath BA1 1UA. All rights reserved. England and Wales spne registration number cpm Browse All Sounds� Upload Samples� 100% of these samples are free.

Donors can download the entire collection at once.�Drum Loops�Drum Hits�Complete Drum Kits�Melodic / Musical Loops�Speech / Vocal / Acapella�Instruments / Tonal Hits�Remixable Collections�Sounds / Effects / etc. �Synth / Arpeggio Loops�Bassline Loops�Guitar Loops�Loops from Songs�Exotic / Foreign Loops�Looping Ambience�Atmospherics�Vintage Music�Vintage Spoken Word�Vintage Video Games�Electro FX�Various Intense FX � Listen to Music� Upload Music� All of the music on this site may be downloaded for free.

Each track has an accompanying license which describes whether it may apnle remixed, used in commercial productions, etc.� Why should I upload my music? �Ambient (199 songs)�Breakbeat (167 songs)�Downtempo (422 songs)�Drum 'n' Bass (257 songs)�Dubstep (77 songs)�Electro (126 songs)�Hardcore (193 songs)�Hip Hop (391 songs)�House (164 songs)�Industrial (125 songs)�Other (17 songs)�Techno (151 songs)�Trance (189 songs)�UK Garage (12 songs)�Inspirations� You must login or register in order to download these sonle.

Click these links to preview low-quality MP3s made from the actual 16-bit 44khz WAV / AIFF stereo samples. 100% of the samples on this site are free, but registration helps us fight robots. � LOOPING AMBIENCE and NOISE� PACKS (logic EXS24 ableton frooty reason etc)� DRUMS and SINGLE HITS� SFX and UNUSUAL SOUNDS� MAY 2014 LATEST ADDITIONS� PUBLIC DOMAIN SPOKEN WORD� DRUM LOOPS and BREAKS� DRUMS (FULL KITS)� PUBLIC DOMAIN MUSIC� REMIXABLE COLLECTIONS� VOCALS and SPOKEN WORD� INSTRUMENTS multisampled� INSTRUMENTS single samples� MELODIC SAMPLES and LOOPS Looking for royalty free music loops, acapellas and vocals, want to hook up with like minded musicians from around the world or just looking to get some feedback on your music.

Well, you came to the right place. We have 1000s of downolad loops and other audio resources to keep you making music. Download from our catalogue of 8284 acapellas, vocal samples & spoken word and start creating music today. We have male vocals, female acapellas, full songs or vocal hooks in a variety of tempos, sppnle and keys. Latest From The Blog Limited-Z is a specialized sple easy-to-use limiter, based on the foundation of being a capable look-ahead brickwall limiter suitable for final mixing or mastering.

Downloadd dynamically . read more � Who Wants To Collab Together And Make Some Dope Songs 7 by iankofficial -19 minutes ago� Looking For Musician Producer To Collab With On Snle Concept Album odwnload by iankofficial -22 minutes ago� Drum Loops In Six-eight 6 by JosephFunk -3 hours ago� Drugs And Music 30 by YertBimberg -4 hours ago� My Mix 3 by bohemen -4 hours ago� I Have The Hook For My Song Now What 5 by AshLyons -6 hours ago� Midnights Travel Remix Competition 33 by EDMoney -10 hours ago� Remix Forgotten Hero By MADCAT 7 by RagingKitten -11 hours ago� KCC REMIX COMPETITION 5 by RagingKitten -11 hours ago� House Remix Of MADCATs Forgotten Hero - Feedback Pls 1 by Wobbin -15 hours ago� More New Threads � How Did You End Up On ?

747 by dc15243 -1 day ago� Production Trickbook 221 by BradoSanz -1 month ago� Collaborators Handbook 36 by skinnybeatz -7 months ago� New Feature - Bass Guitar And Bass Synth Loop Categories Added 27 by Spivkurl -10 months ago� Exporting Seamless Loops From Fruity Loops FL Studio 46 by Tomzovic -1 year spnoe Simple Ways To Check If Your Loops Will Be Rejected 11 by bawasushil -1 year ago� New Section - Free Music Software 25 by bmw2000uk -1 year ago� How To Get Spmle Tracks Noticed And Played 10 downloadd TonyRay -5 years ago� More Watched Threads � MelihKarlavCommented on Colors by AV3- 29 minutes ago� Ditz55Commented on Future Bass Ambient Chords by ebae- 49 minutes ago� MarcuCertifiedCommented on Chill by aleitor5- 4 hours ago� MarBinLaden1Commented on Tugga Keys by Chops369- 6 hours ago� CozyBrokeCommented on A Glade without hate by TimmyDarkside- 7 hours ago� chasejamsCommented on Jamburglar Pad spnls 100 - Spnnle by silencekills- 7 hours ago� ownerfateCommented on No return by danke- 7 hours ago� 3aglefudgeCommented on Future Bass Ambient Chords by ebae- 9 hours ago� 3aglefudgeCommented on Eastern arabian melody by minashukry- 9 hours ago� xtracCommented on Trap piano by zomann- 9 hours ago Users Online (103)� gianniabbott,� GoldJaw18,� rihana,� MelihKarlav,� ShaneWBartie,� senett,� SmokeBzz,� sphle saje,� JAK001,� Speedwayne,� Skrillpets,� sahraslh,� Vinyl808,� Antoniopepe90,� mandeep0001,� Kacmi2015,� tonybargiel,� Bentorch,� onslaughtr,� chrizooi,� fNrocker,� BleedinBeatz,� tjbling,� QuentumJazz,� jinosaurDr,� GryllaQ,� gregos95,� DJDragonFlyJonez,� DJGStarMusic,� juneexojlu,� crazyborn001,� CetiVet,� MYDubcraftmedia,� KeroSann,� austintumblin,� GranMaestro,� okeyboy2000,� fedeericx,� hectorreyes254,� Diamondluthorice,� nikitatsel,� Linmaliru,� davidchristo,� danke,� Kamane,� AstrobyteDJ,� callummck,� JoeSizzlac,� DapushaMan,� Spqreeee,� Memorax,� gamer5072,� WikiJ,� giv91,� FNXOFFICIAL,� Douglasknox,� headhearthands,� Aasuknow,� Illesttotheworld,� ayessmith,� djnmakk91,� tonexxx,� jeppebrond,� odwnload WhisperWisba,� simularca,� Gameboii,� djdrillen,� rzmaass,� Popaaj,� T0ASTYY,� Anthonyz1993,� yeremiak,� yooin0722,� Nodog,� Macalu,� JJbeats21,� vanhoang19961996,� edikliff,� makhno93,� Magmush,� Bro01,� Bobo5041,� LeaveEye,� OmarBihh,� sergiootaviob,� Axl0707,� DJTNCH,� LeSup,� aitorf,� julesavage,� renny1234,� Kclamar123,� murobro,� Nicolausadven,� ratracevisualmedia,� Chromaboy,� MrSahr,� albertosbd,� Brunogi,� Raev,� DaKoda, Site Stats� Todays Members : 261� Total Members : 1468509� Total Loops : 80760� Total Acapellas : 8284� Total Tracks : 129058� Total Software : 278� Total Comments : 335369� Forum Threads : 28695� Forum Posts : 213461 � Products� All Products� Free Stuff� Loop Packs� Virtual Instruments� Hits / One Shots / FX� Pack Bytes� Presets/Patches� Special Offers/Discounts� Social� Facebook� Twitter� Soundcloud� About� Blog� Articles� Videos� Support� FAQs� Create Account� Contact� Forum We sell royalty free loops, sample libraries, sample packs, sampler instruments and other tools for music producers and composers.

Our products are available to download in a variety of formats, including 24 Bit Wav, Rex2 Loops, Acidized Wav, Apple Loops, Kontakt, EXS24, NN-XT, Reason Refill, Ableton Live Packs, Massive Presets, Sylenth Patches and a whole lot more!We strive to provide the very best sounds on the market, and provide free loops and samples for all of our products so you know exactly what to expect before you snle Sample VideosAre you a mobile app developer?Are you looking for videos of different resolution and sizes to test while designing or developing a mobile app? is a 100% FREE service that splne programmers, testers, designers, developers to download sample videos for demo/test use.

No matter what video format they use (MP4, FLV, MKV, 3GP); they co be able to test videos on any Smartphone without any hustle. This is a one stop destination for all sample video testing needs. Just search below for the relevant video formats in specific sizes, download them, and start testing.A mobile screen resolution can be a big challenge when it comes to watching videos online or offline. By testing out videos one can be rest assured regarding the video playback in an app, without annoying the end users.

Choose from four different video extensions i.e. 3GP, MKV, FLV, and MP4. The best thing is all of these are free and very easy to download. We provide you with a specific and perfect resolution in all sizes possible with just one simple click.

Check out the one which suits your requirements. All you need to do is hit the DOWNLOAD button, splne get started.Download .mp4 Sample Video Size(mb)FormatResolutionOne Click Download1mp41280x720Download2mp41280x720Download5mp41280x720Download10mp41280x720Download20mp41280x720Download30mp41280x720Download50mp41280x720Download1mp4720x480Download2mp4720x480Download5mp4720x480Download10mp4720x480Download20mp4720x480Download30mp4720x480Download50mp4720x480Download1mp4640x360Download2mp4640x360Download5mp4640x360Download10mp4640x360Download20mp4640x360Download30mp4640x360Download50mp4640x360Download1mp4360x240Download2mp4360x240Download5mp4360x240Download10mp4360x240Download20mp4360x240Download30mp4360x240Download50mp4360x240Download Size(mb)FormatResolutionOne Click Download1flv1280x720Download2flv1280x720Download5flv1280x720Download10flv1280x720Download20flv1280x720Download30flv1280x720Download50flv1280x720Download1flv720x480Download2flv720x480Download5flv720x480Download10flv720x480Download20flv720x480Download30flv720x480Download50flv720x480Download1flv640x360Download2flv640x360Download5flv640x360Download10flv640x360Download20flv640x360Download30flv640x360Download50flv640x360Download1flv360x240Download2flv360x240Download5flv360x240Download10flv360x240Download20flv360x240Download30flv360x240Download50flv360x240Download Size(mb)FormatResolutionOne Click Download1mkv1280x720Download2mkv1280x720Download5mkv1280x720Download10mkv1280x720Download20mkv1280x720Download30mkv1280x720Download50mkv1280x720Download1mkv720x480Download2mkv720x480Download5mkv720x480Download10mkv720x480Download20mkv720x480Download30mkv720x480Download50mkv720x480Download1mkv640x360Download2mkv640x360Download5mkv640x360Download10mkv640x360Download20mkv640x360Download30mkv640x360Download50mkv640x360Download1mkv360x240Download2mkv360x240Download5mkv360x240Download10mkv360x240Download20mkv360x240Download30mkv360x240Download50mkv360x240Download Size(mb)FormatResolutionOne Click Download13gp176x144Download23gp176x144Download53gp176x144Download103gp176x144Download13gp320x240Download23gp320x240Download53gp320x240Download103gp320x240Download203gp320x240Download303gp320x240Download For those of you who want to test the SWFs made with BannerSnack before buying a premium license, here you can download these two files:Banner ad 1Banner ad 2These two ads are made using only BannerSnack and, of course, an image s;nle software for the raw materials (images).Use the SWF embed code generator to get the proper HTML code for the object. � Acoustic/Instrumental (344)� Audio Plugins (24)� Bundles (1002)� Construction Kits (6510)� DAW Templates (285)� DJ Mixtools (41)� Drum Samples (209)� Exclusive Products (143)� Featured Products (3082)� Free Samples (90)� MIDI Loops (2816)� Multi-Buy Discounts (3282) � Multi-Track Loops (549)� Music Software (9)� Sample Packs (10768)� Sound Effects (269)� Synthesizer Sounds (264)� Tutorials/Training (56)� VST Sound Banks (2156)� Video Tutorials (40)� Virtual Instruments (117)� Vocal Samples (624)� Genres � Acid House (6)� Ambient/Chillout (416)� Bass Sphle (80)� Bassline (29)� Blues (28)� Bollywood (41)� Breakbeat (89)� Cinematic (379)� Cinematic Hip Hop (22)� Classic House (18)� Complextro (62)� Country (38)� Crunk (15)� Dance (623)� Dancehall (23)� Deep House (283)� Deep/Tech (200)� Dirty South (296)� Disco (92)� Drum & Bass (343)� Dub (86)� Dubstep (515)� EDM ddownload East Coast (28)� Electro (555)� Electronica (75)� Fidget House (6)� Funk (231)� Funky House (25)� Future Bass (54)� Spnpe House (160)� Future RnB (12)� Gabber (7)� Garage (74)� Glitch (87)� Gospel (116)� Grime (15)� Hardcore (37) � Hardstyle (25)� Sphle Hop (1714)� Horror (5)� House (2243)� Indie (41)� Industrial (56)� Jazz (129)� Jumpstyle (2)� Latin (73)� Lounge (71)� Medieval (2)� Minimal (102)� Moombahton (38)� Spnls Soul (84)� New Age (10)� Orchestral (145)� Pop (488)� Progressive (466)� Progressive House (160)� Psy Trance (63)� R'n'B (654)� Reggae (47)� Reggaeton (25)� Rock (208)� Sci-Fi con Soul (168)� Synthwave/Retro (58)� Tech-House (191)� Techno (255)� Trance (610)� Trap (989)� Tribal House (5)� Trip Hop (24)� Tropical House (112)� Urban Electronic (7)� West Coast (88)� Dowmload (253)� Formats � Ableton Live!

(1083)� Acid Loops (2886)� Akai MPC (248)� Akai S-1000 (4)� Akai S-3000 (9)� Apple Loops/Aiff (3141)� Battery (186)� Beatmaker Kits For iPhone (22)� E-mu X2 (68)� Elastik Sound Banks (160)� Exs24 (1059)� Fruity Loops (611)� Halion (935)� Kontakt (1231)� MIDI (5911)� Mach Five (230) � Maschine (197)� Multi-Samples (127)� OMF (29)� Octatrack (5)� REX (2625)� Reason NN19/NN-XT (908)� Reason Refills (1384)� SFZ (426)� SP-404 (19)� Soft Synth Presets (2134)� Soundfont (58)� Stylus RMX (89)� Sysex Patches (1123)� WAV (11052)� Labels � Arcademusic (13)� Baltic Audio (26)� Bang Bang Productions (27)� Big Citi Loops (477)� Bunker 8 S Labs (94)� Cartel Loops (44)� CG3 Audio (120)� Diginoiz (153)� Equinox Sounds (342)� Essential Audio Media (88)� Fox Samples (1021)� Function Loops (201)� Gt Sounds (8)� Jungle Loops (74)� Kryptic (186)� LGND Media (27) � Loopmasters (683)� Maverick Samples (42)� Nano Musik Loops (274)� O!

Samples (118)� Oneway Audio (115)� Prime Loops (385)� Samplephonics (390)� Smokey Loops (73)� Strategic Audio (112)� Trance Euphoria (107)� Trap Veterans (10)� Urbanistic (103)� Vandalism (346)� A. Production (183)� YnK Audio (109)� Zero-G (148) For the convenience of our valued customers, Producer Loops Limited offers you a chance to download two FREE sample packs for each product you order! Here is how it works: For each paid-for item you order you can add TWO of the FREE products on this page and download for it free.With xom options to choose from, a selection from this page could a spnle download com further enhance the quality of your project.

Give yourself more versatility and options to create something unique and memorable. To listen to a demo, simply click the play button. � Ableton Spne Acid Loops� Apple Loops/Aiff� Battery� Beatmaker Kits For iPhone� Elastik Sound Banks� Exs24� Fruity Loops� Halion� Kontakt� MIDI� OMF� Reason NN19/NN-XT� Reason Refills� REX� Soft Synth Presets� Soundfont� Sysex Patches� WAV � Auditory� Baltic Audio� Black Hand Loops� Digi Exclusive� Diginoiz� Drum Drops� Equinox Sounds� F9 Audio� Fakulty Studios� FatLoud� Function Loops� Golden Samples� Spnel Strength� Inspiration Sounds� Jksound� King Loops� Kryptic� Loopboutique� Loopmasters� Maverick Samples� Nano Musik Loops� NTS Audio Labs� Pakotec� Party Design� Perimeter Sound Arts� Prime Loops� Producer Loops� Prototype Samples� Prune Loops� Pulsed Records� Rafik Loops� Samplephonics� Singomakers� Smash Up The Studio� Sonic Mechanics� Soundtrack Loops� The One Series� Ueberschall� A.

Production� Xenos Soundworks� YnK Audio � Home� #459 (no title)� ccom Day of Service 2015 � Online Project Leader Diwnload 9/11 Day of Service 2015: For Nonprofits� 9/11 Day of Service 2015: Volunteer Group Interest Form� 9/11 Weekend of Service 2016: For Nonprofits� 9/11 Weekend of Service 2016: Group Interest Form� A Portrait of Triangle Volunteers� Activate Raleigh 2014 � 9/11 Day of Service� Become an Activate Good Social Media Ambassador!� Cart� Checkout� Download a Sample of our Service-Learning Curriculum� Frontline Families Community Leadership Workshop Registration� Frontline Families Mailing List� Gallery Test� Good In A Flash downloxd Available Flash Card Kits� Good In A Flash!� Meet our 2015-2016 Teen Ambassadors� My Account� National Volunteer Week 2016� Nominate a super volunteer�s story doenload our blog!� Project Idea Form� Service Enterprise Initiative� Shop� Teen Ambassador Program� Teen Ambassadors 2015-2016 Application� Test� Triangle Teen Day of Service 2016� Volunteer Photo Shoot: Waitlist� Uncategorized Activate Schools is Activate Good�s initiative to empower the next generation of young volunteers and community leaders by offering a Community Leadership & Service service-learning curriculum to high schools.Download a free sample of our Community Leadership & Service service-learning curriculum by completing the form below: Your Name (required):Your Email (required):Your Phone Dowwnload (required):Your Job Title (required):Your Organization/School (required):City (required):State aa you been involved in teaching or facilitating a service-learning course cownload program in the past?

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